The Top 20 SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips of all time posted on the Javelin blog

Article by Rod Mackay updated May 24, 2017


As part of our Javelin 20 Year Anniversary we want to share our top 20 SOLIDWORKS tech tips of all time featured in this blog. The tech tip posts range from dealing with pesky Windows issues to step-by step tutorials for completing tasks in SOLIDWORKS.

Javelin 20 Tips

The Javelin team have posted 2,000 SOLIDWORKS tech tips and provided millions of users with answers to their technical questions. Here is our top 20 list based on unique views by our readers:

 1 Resolving the “File is open in another program” Windows Issue
Our number one ranked blog post describes a solution to a common windows issue that our readers have experienced. The Microsoft Process Explorer is featured as a tool to help resolve the issue
2 Is the latest version of SOLIDWORKS compatible with Windows 10?
This post was created in response to the popular question we received from customers when Windows 10 was released back in July 2015. This post is still popular with our readers
3 Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats
This video post was created as a step-by-step guide to help customers create custom Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats in SOLIDWORKS.
4 How to export a model from SOLIDWORKS to Google SketchUp
If you have ever been asked by a customer or supplier to provide a Google Sketchup version of your SOLIDWORKS model then this post provides the answer you need.
5 SOLIDWORKS Database is Missing! Complete functionality will not be available?
Have you ever seen this error messages before when launching SOLIDWORKS? A lot of our readers had and this comes in at number five in our top 20 list.
6 Creating a SOLIDWORKS Reference Plane at an Angle out in Space
How do you create a Reference Plane at a certain angle somewhere out in space? This was a common question for our blog readers and a solution using a sketch was described in this tech tip.
7 Complete Uninstall of SOLIDWORKS
This was a procedure that we wanted to provide our customers and proved to be a popular blog post with the SOLIDWORKS community.
8 Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Problem Solved
This common problem turned out to be a firewall issue with Windows and we provide a couple of solutions to the problem.
9 Manually Updating SOLIDWORKS Toolbox
This tip on manually updating SOLIDWORKS Toolbox came from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. This is a question we receive on a regular enough basis that we felt that it would be worth posting on the Javelin blog.
10 Download SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profiles
When you have a new installation of SOLIDWORKS on your system you may notice that there are very few Weldment Profiles available when you select a Structural Member. This tech tip provided the steps for obtaining more profiles and setting them up in your system.
11 Lost your SOLIDWORKS data in a crash? SOLIDWORKS Auto-recovery can help
This best practice tech tip provides the steps for restoring a SOLIDWORKS file from a crash with the auto-recovery tool, and more importantly how to set-up auto-recovery.
12 Increasing Your SOLIDWORKS Weldment Profile Library
Similar to our number 10 ranked post, this tech tip provides the steps for creating your own weldment profiles and adding them to the Profile Libraby.
13 Selecting Base Scale for Exporting SOLIDWORKS Drawings to DXF/DWG
This procedure type post provides the steps for exporting SOLIDWORKS drawings to DXF/DWG format, and taking into account a scale factor to avoid incorrect dimensions and a potential loss of material.
14 SOLIDWORKS Default Template Location
A common question from our customers about template file locationswas the topic for our number 14 ranked tech tip
15 Why is SOLIDWORKS unable to locate my Assembly Components?
I’m sure you’ve seen this before. After opening a SOLIDWORKS assembly, there is a message that a file cannot be located and you must browse for it yourself or the component will be suppressed. Why does this happen and how to solve the issue were provided in this tech tip.
16 How to Rename or Move SOLIDWORKS Files Correctly
This procedure post proved popular with our readers and featured SOLIDWORKS Explorer as the tool of choice for renaming and moving SOLIDWORKS files correctly.
17 SOLIDWORKS has detected that your system resources are running low
Anyone who works with large SOLIDWORKS files has likely found this post while searching online as it descibes the issue and provides a solution.
18 SOLIDWORKS Electrical Cannot Connect to Database?!
An error that might occur when trying to launch SOLIDWORKS Electrical was described in this post along with a how-to guide for quickly and easily resolving the issue.
19 One method of modeling a Chain in SOLIDWORKS
This tutorial tech tip provides the steps for creating a chain in SOLIDWORKS using a curve driven pattern feature.
20 How to change the SOLIDWORKS Standard View Orientation
Finally tip # 20 provides the steps for changing the view orientation in a SOLIDWORKS part which is often required when using an imported model and the current orientation does not make sense.

A big thank you to all the authors at Javelin and of course our readers for using the blog and giving us ideas for SOLIDWORKS tech tips and tutorials for the user community.

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