Creating Your Own Sheet Metal Forming Tool [VIDEO]

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated July 5, 2013


There are several Sheet Metal Forming tools available in the Design Library that can be easily dragged onto a Sheet Metal part to add features.  Just be aware that SolidWorks Sheet Metal does not account for material deformation during the forming process.  The part will have a uniform thickness through the formed feature even if the process would cause the material to thin or stretch.  By default, these features will remain visible when the sheet metal part is flattened but there are additional options to show the blank without the features.

Design Library Forming Tools

Default Design Library Forming Tools

You also have the option to generate a forming tool from scratch with your own shapes and settings.  A single forming tool can have multiple configurations for various sizes.  Watch the video below showing the steps to generate your own tool.

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