Javelin and SOLIDWORKS Celebrate Women in Engineering

Article by Paige Woolley updated June 23, 2017


The 23rd of June marks an important day for the support of women in engineering. Thanks to the Women’s Engineering Society, today is recognized as “International Women in Engineering Day”, where we can celebrate the achievements of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and encourage young women to pursue STEM career paths. This is the day’s fourth year running since it started in 2014. In the past, this event has raised awareness through social media posts, company and school events, school outreach work, resource packs, fundraisers, and sponsorships.

Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering

Women in STEM

The number of female graduates in STEM university programs has been increasing, and still has far to go. As of 2011, only 39% of STEM graduates and 23% of engineering graduates were female (Statistics Canada). This has been an increase from the past; however, the number of females that are working in engineering fields has only increased from 20% to 22% from 1987 to 2014 (Statistics Canada).

Javelin Women in Engineering

Javelin has experienced these improvements as more and more female engineers have been included in our customer-base throughout the past 20 years. We have also seen more STEM-focused females within Javelin itself. This summer, we have two female engineering co-op students joining the team including myself (Biochemical Engineering at Queen’s University) and Samony Riyaz (Automation Engineering Technology at McMaster University). Javelin has provided both of us with opportunities to become exposed to engineering applications and to help us forecast what we may want to do beyond our programs.

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, we would like to recognize some of Javelin’s female engineering customers in upcoming blog posts. We will be posting about certain female engineers that we feel have had a noteworthy impact in their business to recognize their achievements and to inspire young females to consider exploring these types of STEM opportunities as well.

Javelin 20 Years

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering

DS SOLIDWORKS runs a great Women in Engineering Program (WIE) which was created to help recognize the outstanding achievements that women are accomplishing day to day in the engineering field and community around the world! SOLIDWORKS recognizes 12 women each year (1 per month) who demonstrate leadership, innovative accomplishments, and outstanding contributions to the engineering field and/or community. If you know a women who fits this description, complete the nomination form today!

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Program

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Program

Share your Support

Share your support on social media with the hashtag #INWED17. You can also participate in the THUNDERCLAP which will post the same Tweet, Facebook and Tumblr post all at the same time on the 23rd of June 2017.

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