How to use the SOLIDWORKS Hole Series Wizard

Article by Jamie Hill, CSWE updated July 12, 2017


The SOLIDWORKS Hole Series is an assembly feature that creates hole features in the individual components of the assembly. A SOLIDWORKS Hole Series extends through each unsuppressed component in the assembly that intersects the axis of the hole (the components do not have to touch). Unlike other assembly features, the holes exist in the individual parts as externally referenced features (in-context). If you edit a Hole Series within the assembly, the individual parts are modified.

Some specifics about SOLIDWORKS Hole Series holes are:

  • Hole Series holes exist at the assembly level and part level.
  • The sketch used by the Hole Series can be sketched on any plane or face in the assembly.
  • Hole Series uses a limited set of end conditions: Through All, Up To Next, Up to Surface, and Offset from Surface are available.
  • A Hole Series can not be created by using the standard Hole Wizard.
  • The resulting hole(s) can be edited using Edit Feature, but only at the assembly level. This propagates changes to all of the parts in the hole series.
  • An existing Hole Wizard hole may be used as the seed for a Hole Series.
  • Different hole sizes can be set for the first part, the last part, and all parts that are cut between them.

The SOLIDWORKS Hole Series wizard (Assembly > Assembly Features > Hole Series) is made up of five tabs that define the location, shape and behavior of the holes.

SOLIDWORKS Hole Series Wizard Tabs

Hole Series Wizard Tabs

Hole Wizard Tabs

  1. Positions – Place points to locate hole centers.
  2. First Part – Define the parameters of the start hole.
  3. Middle Parts – Define the parameters of the hole between the first and last parts.
  4. Last Part – Define the parameters of the end hole.
  5. Smart Fasteners – Insert Smart Fasteners into the hole series. This tab is available only if you install and activate SOLIDWORKS Toolbox.


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