Can SOLIDWORKS be used for Architectural Design?

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated August 7, 2017


There is one question we get asked time and time again. Can SOLIDWORKS handle Architectural Design? Yes, SOLIDWORKS has tools that can be applied to an architectural design process, and will give you more control over your architectural model:

2D-3D conversion

2D-3D conversion in SOLIDWORKS is a breeze allowing you to bring in DXF and DWG files. These files are then placed in sketches which are easy to work with in SOLIDWORKS. Click here to learn more about this awesome tool.


Weldments provide a quick and easy way to create frames, structures, bases and more! Don’t let the name “weldments” fool you, this is a powerful tool that can automate much of the tedious tasks such as getting cut lists pulling important information from the model!

Parametric Modeling

A big part of the SOLIDWORKS platform is the parametric modeling capabilities which will allow the designer to change the model quickly and have those changes be seen throughout the process from assemblies to drawings!

This is important for architectural models because the model can be easily made so that when the length or height changes SOLIDWORKS can automatically update the model with more cross members or if there is specific spacing required, that also can be set up saving plenty of time! In addition projects can be easily reused!

Take a look at this example when the overall dimensions of the frame changes:

SOLIDWORKS Weldments application

SOLIDWORKS Weldments application

When the size changes see how the members automatically update!

Weldments size changed with parametric modification

Weldments size changed with parametric modification


Drawings in SOLIDWORKS have many great features such as model items which will automatically bring in dimensions into the drawing saving time from doing it manually. In addition to annotation, SOLIDWORKS has the capability of creating section views, cropped views, detail views, and much much more!

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As you can see SOLIDWORKS has amazing capabilities when dealing with architectural models especially for frames and layouts.

To learn more about these great features and how they can benefit you please contact us.

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