SOLIDWORKS Animations with Changing Cameras

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated March 8, 2018


Switching SOLIDWORKS animation cameras gives more control over location, target, field of view, etc.  You can place keys and edit the camera at various positions to change the orientation and zoom.

If you have more than one camera, you are able to switch between them during the animation.  First set up the cameras and place keys to indicate start and end settings of each by editing the cameras along the timebar.

SOLIDWORKS Animations with Camera Keys

SOLIDWORKS Animations with Camera Keys

Then select a camera to use at T=0s.  Right-click on the key beside ‘Orientation and Camera Views‘ and select ‘Camera View‘.

SOLIDWORKS Animation Key to select Camera View

SOLIDWORKS Animation Key to select Camera View

The pop-up will allow you to select the camera to use from the start of the animation.

Choose Camera

Choose Camera

Then you can place another key along the timebar beside ‘Orientation and Camera View’ to select a different camera.

Select a different Camera

Select a Camera View

The pop-up will appear again and you can select a different camera to use, in this case Camera2 is selected:

Choose Camera

Choose Camera

An example animation switching between two cameras is shown below:

Switching SOLIDWORKS Animation Cameras

Animation Example

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