Mesh Away With SOLIDWORKS Simulation Adaptive Meshing

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated October 24, 2018


When working with SOLIDWORKS Simulation software it’s important to understand the accuracy of the results! Sometimes we spend too much time refining the mesh of a part when there is no need or sometimes we don’t spend enough time refining the mesh. What is the solution? Well there is a tool called SOLIDWORKS Simulation Adaptive Meshing. This tool has the ability to either refine the mesh automatically or to refine the elements!

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mesh

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mesh

Where to find SOLIDWORKS Simulation Adaptive Meshing

Adaptive meshing is conveniently located under properties:

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Adaptive Meshing

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Adaptive Meshing

How it works

This tool allows you to set an accuracy level and the amount of times you want it to refine and it will keep refining the mesh or elements until it reaches accuracy or if it doesn’t reach accuracy (most likely because it hasn’t been refined enough or there are hot sports) it will tell you!

By using this tool it allows you to observe how close to the strain energy or stress is in the different iterations. That way you know the results you are getting is accurate! This tool is available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard, Professional and Premium!

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