How to specify where SOLIDWORKS should look for Document Templates

Article by James Swackhammer updated December 11, 2018


So you created the much needed SOLIDWORKS Part template, but you can’t seemed to load it. Not to worry – I will show you how to add templates to SOLIDWORKS with an option called “File Locations”.

  1. With SOLIDWORKS open, pick on the top cog icon and click “Options”, or select Tools > Options
  2. At about the middle of the System Options list on the left, click on “File Locations“.
  3. In the drop down box under “Show folders for:” we are going to select “Document Templates” if not already selected.
  4. Then you will click on the “Add…” button on the right.
System Options File Locations

System Options File Locations

This will open up a standard dialog box. This is where you can point to where you saved your template. In here you can create a new folder, place it where you want, if you haven’t already, for all your custom templates.

Once done creating or finding the file location, you are going to click on the route folder where the template is. For example, if you placed the templates in a new file folder called “Custom Templates”, click the folder itself and NOT what’s within the folder as shown in the example below:

Custom Template Location

Custom Template Location Example

Now click “Select Folder” on the bottom. This will bring you back to the “System Options” menu. This is the time to check the file location to ensure it was added correctly.

If you have several templates locations scattered on your company server, in your PDM vault, or on your C: drive you can set the order of file locations for SOLIDWORKS to search for templates, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder the folder list:

Document Templates Folder Order

Document Templates Folder/Location Order

Once ordered in the desired manner, click “OK“. You have now pointed SOLIDWORKS to your custom templates.

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