SOLIDWORKS 2019 Preview Blocks in the Design Library

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated December 10, 2018


The SOLIDWORKS Design Library is a great tool to keep all of your common parts, features, tools, etc.  This also provides access to your blocks for a quick drag and drop.  A SOLIDWORKS 2019 enhancement provides thumbnail previews of blocks in the Design Library.  This makes it easier to find the block you need.

SOLIDWORKS Design Library Preview Blocks

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Thumbnail Preview of Blocks in Design Library

The following formats are supported for SOLIDWORKS Design Library Preview Blocks:

  • .sldnotestl
  • .sldsffvt
  • .sldsfstl
  • .sldsym
  • .sldweldfvt
  • .sldweldstl
  • .dwg files
  • .dxffiles
  • .sldblk
  • .sldnotefvt
  • .sldgtolfvt
  • .sldgtolstl

In past versions you needed to hover your cursor over the block to see the preview.  The icon was the same for all blocks of similar type.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Blocks in Design Library

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Blocks in Design Library

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