How to Set up Revision Tables in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by Justin Williams updated December 9, 2018

In SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018, the much-anticipated Revision Tables integration was added, and we can now automatically add table rows with updated variable values via a workflow transition or the Set Revision command.  In this article, we’re going to look at the basic set up of this feature to automatically update the Revision Table via a workflow transition action.

NOTE: This functionality requires SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 or later, and the drawing file format to be 2018 or later.

How To Set Up Revision Tables

By default there are 5 revision columns; Zone, Rev, Description, Date and Approved.  For this example, we’re going to create a table that only uses Rev, Description, Date and Approved

Enable Revision Tables

  • Administration Tool > SOLIDWORKS > Revision Table
    • Settings:
      • Check Enable Revision Table
      • Number of visible rows: 3
      • Revision placeholder character(s): *


Map Variables

  • Administration Tool > Variables > Revision
    • Create a new attribute
      • Block Name: SWRevTable
      • Attribute Name: Revision
      • Extension: slddrw
Map Variables

Map Variables

Repeat for variables used for the Description, Date and Approved values.

Integrate Into Workflow

For any transitions that have revision actions associated with them; add Set Variable actions to update the variable used by the table

Integrate Into Workflow

Integrate Into Workflow

For this example, I’m using the Default vault set up, therefore this required adding actions to the transitions; Passed Approval, No Approval Required and Change Approved

For more information regarding the increment of a revision via a workflow please see our previous article on SOLIDWORKS PDM Revision.

Test Thoroughly

This is a great example of something that can be tested thoroughly in a Sandbox vault, ahead of implementing in your production vault.

Test Thoroughly

NOTE: The drawing must have a pre-existing revision table within it, for the integration to work and the rows to be added automatically.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS PDM Revisions

Attend our SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration training course to learn more about using or administering SOLIDWORKS PDM, and creating a complete revision numbering system.

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