Source supplier parts or get your SOLIDWORKS design manufactured with 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace!

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated June 19, 2019


Wondering where to get supplier models for your SOLIDWORKS design, or how to find a company to manufacture your design?  You can do both, right from within your SOLIDWORKS session!

First a bit of background.  For many years, a vast source for parts has been accessible right within your SOLIDWORKS session in the Design Library tab:  3D ContentCentral.  This resource allows you to download supplier-created and user-created models, or upload your own models to the community.  For more details, check out our article on using 3D ContentCentral.

As of February 2018, we now also have the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace!  It’s a massively well-connected one-stop shopping experience.  But it’s much more than just a place to find downloadable models.  You can also get your design quoted and made!

How to access 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

By default, 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace Add-In will install with SOLIDWORKS.  To us it, try this:

Get started with 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

Get started with 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace

If it’s your first time, then you will be guided to log in with your SOLIDWORKS ID if you have one, but if you do not have one there will be a link to create one.  You may also be guided to download the 3DEXPERIENCE app from the SOLIDWORKS website.

If for any reason that doesn’t work, then try the following:

  1. Close SOLIDWORKS.
  2. Download the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace add-in from the SOLIDWORKS free downloads here (see link)
  3. Specify your product version
  4. Select and download the product ‘3DExperience Marketplace for SW’ whose year version matches that of your SOLIDWORKS installation.  In order for the download button to work, you will need to check the box to confirm accuracy of the statements. 
  5. Extract the file and run the setup file.
  6. Launch SOLIDWORKS
  7. Go to the right taskpane again and click on 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace just like in the first image in this article.
  8. Log in, if prompted

You should now have access to the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace icons.

Pin the right task pane, and go shopping!

Pin the right task pane, and go shopping!

Having cleared these hurdles, and once logged in, you can choose either a part you want made, or a part you want to source.  You can browse supplier parts by brand name or by category.  There is so much from which to choose!  You may find yourself feeling like a kid in a candy store!  For more details, see this blog article and this one.

Manufacture with Javelin

Did you know that Javelin provides manufacturing services? We offer a variety of custom-tailored 3D printing services, including the creation of your high-performance prototypestooling and manufacturing aids, end-use parts, and low-volume production runs. Simply upload your part and get a quote.

Our Manufacturing Services Include:
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