Laser Processing Services

Laser Cutting, Engraving, and Marking on almost any material

Take your printed parts to the next level with serialization and custom marking, or create custom gaskets and accessories for 3D printed assemblies. Our Universal Laser is optimized to work with the engineering thermoplastics we print, and common sheet materials up to 30x60cm. Providing services for research and development, engineering, sales, marketing, part serialization and facilities management.

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We can cut, engrave, and mark just about any material

Laser Cutting

With our industrial laser cutting machines we can cut just about any material into the required shapes. Laser technology is the best tool for meeting tight tolerance specifications.

Our machines are very precise and can process multi-layer materials, only cutting through the top layer without going through other layers.

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Laser Engraving & Etching

We can provide shallow or deep engraving on just about any material.

Applications include wood and glass engraving, serialization and universal identification.

Industries we work with include aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical.

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Laser Marking

Our material laser marking process provides human and/or machine readable alphanumeric characters, 1D/2D barcodes, logos, insignia, etc.

Plus 1-Touch Laser Photo marking is a unique application for marking/engraving digital photographs onto your material.

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We use Universal Laser Systems

The industry leader in Laser Processing Machines

  • Any type of design

    We can work with virtually any type of graphics file. Additionally, .DXF and .PDF file formats can be processed directly in the laser system.

  • Any type of material

    An endless number of materials are compatible with our laser processing system.

  • Multi-process

    Cut, engrave, and mark in one step. Our laser systems can perform many different types of operations in a single step by seamlessly changing power, speed and other parameters with one click.

Laser cutter
  • Non-contact Methods

    Using a non-contact method for cutting, engraving, and marking. Our laser system eliminates the need for physical tooling with dies, blades or permanent holding fixtures.

  • On demand

    Our laser systems do not depend on physical tooling and are driven by software files allowing for faster processing of your part.

  • High Quality Results

    We provide precise laser cutting and engraving of thin materials (less than 0.060” or 1.5 mm).

Example Parts

Photos of parts processed with a Universal Laser System

Laser Processing Advantages

Three advantages of using a Laser Processing Service

1 Mark/Print Anything

Virtually any 2D design and file type can be printed from your design software. Including Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® Photoshop®, AutoCAD®, SOLIDWORKS®, DraftSight® and many others. Additionally, .DXF and .PDF file formats can be imported into the Universal Control Panel (UPC).

2 Fast Processing Time

We can cut, engrave and mark in one step. Additionally, we can engrave or mark a high-resolution image onto your material. Because our laser systems can perform many different types of operations in a single step we can process your part faster than other service providers.

3 Process just about any material

An endless number of materials are compatible with our laser system, including plastics, metals, silicone rubbers, fabrics, composites, laminating adhesives and other advanced materials to name a few.

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