SOLIDWORKS Structure System Angle Identifier

Article by James Swackhammer updated February 3, 2020


The latest feature to be added to the SOLIDWORKS Structure System is Angle Direction and Rotation. It can be quite handy to know what the mitre angle is and if it’s the same on both sides.

Angle Direction and Rotation is displayed in the Cut-List Properties which are also available for Structural Members as well as SOLIDWORKS Weldments.

The Angle Direction property indicates whether the two end faces of the body are along the same direction or not.

SOLIDWORKS Cut-List Properties

SOLIDWORKS Cut-List Properties

You can specify either: Same, Opposite, Out of Plane or None.  The Angle Twist property indicates the angle between the normals of two end cut planes for out of plane trimming. You can set the angle to between 0–180 degrees.

Properties set

Angle Direction and Rotation Properties set

Looking at the screen shots this is how it shows up. This is for primary and secondary members. For a video on how the Structure System works please take a look at my colleague’s SOLIDWORKS Structure System overview article and video.

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