How do I reset my SOLIDWORKS PDM Task Script?

Article by Samony Riyaz updated December 7, 2020


Many times when working within SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional or Standard, you may want to create a Task that can be used to speed up your workflow.

One such example of this could be the task titled “Convert to PDF”, which Converts SOLIDWORKS Drawing files (.slddrw) files to PDF and save them in the configured location within the Task Settings.

Now say when setting this task up, something went wrong and you’re receiving a few “Failed” messages when running the task manually via the Command Menu.

Troubleshooting a failed PDM Script:

  1. Make sure that the Task Host is configured on the current system
  2. Monitor the Task in the PDM Administration tool via the Task List.
  3. Ensure that the correct version of the PDM Add-In is used, If not – Upgrade the PDM Add-In to match your PDM Server Install
  4. If there are no changes to the default script. then reset the script.
  5. Review the PDM Client Log and Archive Server Log for Errors
  6. Review the Windows ‘Application and ‘System’ Event logs for Errors

In this article, we will be looking at Step 4 of the process.

Reset the Default PDM Script

  1. Launch the “Administration” tool for SOLIDWORKS PDM
  2. Navigate to the Tasks > Open the Task to Modify


  1. Go to “Output File Details”
Output File Details

Output File Details

  1. Copy the script to the Notepad file and Save the file
  2. “Reset” the Script
  3. If you have multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS – Choose the version that you would like the files to be open and rebuilt in
Reset the script

Reset the script

  1. Select “OK” on all Windows. Re-run the Task Script to see the results.


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