Redo Support for Part Features in SOLIDWORKS 2021

Article by Prasadh Annalingam, CSWE updated January 29, 2021


For anyone who has used the Redo ability in SOLIDWORKS prior to 2021 and loved it…one thing may have come to mind…UPGRADE, UPGRADE, UPGRADE! For everyone that loved the ability (including myself), we wanted more!

In SOLIDWORKS 2021, yes you guessed it, the command has been upgraded!

Redo allows you to undo…your undo

With redo in SOLIDWORKS you can reverse a recent undo that was performed. Up until SOLIDWORKS 2020, it has been limited to use within sketches only.

  • Undo: File Menu: Edit > Undo or Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Z
  • Redo: File Menu: Edit > Redo or Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Y

The example below shows a sketch that is trimmed, an undo is performed and then a redo is used to reverse that undo. This is a great ability to have for designers that like to go back and forth between steps (…like myself).

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Undo Redo

Sketch going through Trim, Undo and Redo

You can make changes within a sketch, undo and redo all day long!

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021?

This is a great ability to have but a common request for this command was to be able to Redo not only in the sketch level but also at the part level. Well, SOLIDWORKS has heard you and delivered! The Redo ability has been upgraded in SOLIDWORKS 2021 and now includes more than 60 part features and commands that it can be used for.

Redo for Part Features Example:

This is best seen with your own eyes! Create a simple part like the one seen below

SOLIDWORKS Create Simple Part

Create Simple Part

Use the Undo button (or Ctrl + Z) to go back to the very beginning and then

SOLIDWORKS Undo Back to Sketch

Undo Back to Sketch

Use the Redo button (or Ctrl + Y) to get back to the finished part

Back to Simple Part

Redo to Simple Part

SOLIDWORKS Redo Limitations

With this update to the Redo functionality for part commands, there are still a few limitations in SOLIDWORKS 2021 where it is not supported. Please see below for a list of known exceptions. This just means it isn’t possible just yet. We can only wait and see what joins the list of items that is supported with Redo.

  • Annotations
  • Hole Features
  • Instant 3D Modifications
  • Mold Tools
  • Sheet Metal
  • Weldments

Something you may notice in SOLIDWORKS 2021 is the Redo button is available on the Quick Access Toolbar.

SOLIDWORKS Redo Quick Button

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Redo Quick Button

The redo button is still available in previous versions of SOLIDWORKS but will have to be added as a shortcut wherever desired. Learn how to search for commands easier in SOLIDWORKS 2021 and a workaround for earlier versions.

Other SOLIDWORKS 2021 User Interface Updates

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