SOLIDWORKS 2021 now includes Accelerated Zoom!

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated October 20, 2020


I was tired of how much zooming I had to do with the mouse wheel in SOLIDWORKS… Several scrolls of the wheel just to zoom in or out as far as needed, and then repeating that process again and again…..long modeling sessions when working in industry sometimes led to a properly-annoyed mouse wheel fingertip, to the point where purchasing a 3DConnexion device greatly eased the chore of panning and zooming because it let me fly around the model! 😀

Another trick that helped was teaching my weak hand to mouse just as effectively as my dominant hand.

Now, in SOLIDWORKS 2021, Accelerated Zoom has come to the rescue to get us zoomed in or out much faster, simply by holding down the <Shift> key while mouse wheeling. Check out the example video below to see the difference in zoom speed:

SOLIDWORKS Accelerated Zoom Option

SOLIDWORKS 2021 may already be set up to Accelerated Zoom by default, but if it isn’t then here are the steps to get started:

  1. Close all documents.  I like to use Window > Close All as it saves time, scrolling, and clicks!
  2. System Options > Display
  3. Scroll down to, and clear, the checkbox for Display scrollbars in graphics view for parts and assemblies.
  4. Pick OK

Give it a try in any open document.  Hold down Shift and zoom in or out, for accelerated zooming.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Display Scrollbars

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Display Scrollbars Option

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John Lee, CSWE

John Lee is inherently lazy in that he prefers to work smarter - not harder. A CSWE with fifteen years of experience using SOLIDWORKS and a background in mechanical design, John has used SOLIDWORKS in various industries requiring design for injection molding, sheet metal, weldments and structural steel.