Quick Imported Geometry Optimization Techniques for SOLIDWORKS Large Assemblies

Article by Rod Mackay updated May 25, 2021


Alin Vargatu, Senior Training and Process Consultant at Javelin, shares one of his most popular learning sessions from 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021, Quick Imported Geometry Optimization Techniques for use in Large Assemblies:

Using an imported model

Have you ever needed to use a complex model originating from a large STEP or IGES file in a large SOLIDWORKS assembly? Has that increased the opening time and operational lag when working with that assembly?

This tutorial focuses on highly effective techniques to quickly simplify these large models in a controlled manner, allowing the user to decide what details should be preserved and which should be removed. The positive impact on your productivity is a game changer! You will discover how to use apparently unrelated tools inside SOLIDWORKS to speed up the optimization process. For example, who would have thought that using the yellow colour as an appearance could make such a big difference?

Included in the tutorial

  • Common symptoms of working with imported geometry
  • Imported Geometry – Major slowdown factors
  • Demonstration
  • The impact of face level appearances
  • Part level simplification using appearances
  • Assembly: Advanced selections
  • Assembly simplification using appearances
  • Assembly: Defeature – Silhouette
  • Five things to remember
  • Q&A
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