Blank SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Window

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated November 29, 2021


The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager is a self-contained installer to assist with the download and installation of SOLIDWORKS products.  Launching Setup.exe should open the Installation Manager window and immediately provide several options.  If you experience a blank or empty window, the following solutions should assist.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

Solution #1: Extracting From Compressed File

Receiving a compressed (zipped) folder of the full installation files is convenient as a single file download.  The ZIP file will need to be extracted before the installation can begin.  The following two solutions can be used.

Option A: Prior to extraction, right-click on the ZIP file and choose Properties.  On the General tab, click Unblock (if available) and click Apply/OK.  Then you can right-click on the ZIP and Extract All…

Unblock ZIP File Properties

Option B: Use another extraction tool aside from the default Windows option, such as 7-ZIP.

Solution #2: Unblocking HTML for uncompressed files

If the installation files have already been extracted or were not compressed to begin with, there are 4 (four) HTML files that can be unblocked.

  1. Browse to the downloaded installation file location  <downloads>\sldim\lang\english\HTML
  2. Right-click on frameset.html and select properties from the shortcut menu
  3. If there is an ‘Unblock’ checkbox, select this checkbox and click Apply
  4. Repeat this process for all HTML files in the folder if they are blocked (framesetstartup.html, header.html, navpanestartup.html)
  5. Re-launch the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager process

Unblock HTML File Properties


Solution #3: Reset Internet Browser

Try resetting your Internet Browser settings to default, close the browser and re-launch the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

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