DriveWorks Integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated September 21, 2022


Learn how DriveWorks provides out of the box functionality and integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

About DriveWorks

DriveWorks is best in class CPQ and design automation software for manufacturers. Enable engineers, sales teams, distributors, and customers to design, engineer and configure any product, on any device. DriveWorks automates the creation of order-specific sales documents such as quotes, cover letters and more while completely automating SOLIDWORKS manufacturing data like assemblies, parts, drawings, and BOMs. Use DriveWorks to quickly generate new variations of models and sales documents.

DriveWorks Configurator

DriveWorks Configurator


SOLIDWORKS PDM is a data management system that allows you to securely store your files on the network but work locally on your computer. All files are securely stored in a vault allowing you to share information only when it’s released, reducing costly errors from using non-approved files. SOLIDWORKS PDM is used to easily manage any file in a multi-user environment while tracking revisions and versions.

Data creation and file management have always gone hand in hand. As a large number of files get created, we rely on a safe and secure place to store them, while also making the data easily accessible to those who need it. PDM Professional makes file organization and storage easy. It’s no wonder DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional have been the winning combination for design automation and file management for years.



Native DriveWorks and PDM Professional integration

Linking DriveWorks Pro with SOLIDWORKS PDM is easy with out of the box integration. The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional integration utility is automatically installed alongside all DriveWorks Pro modules. All you need is a PDM local view installed on the same machine, and you are all set to start integrating!

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional integration utility lets you communicate with your PDM vault through DriveWorks doing a variety of tasks such as:

  • Store and manage DriveWorks Projects from inside the vault
  • Automatically check in any generated specification files including SOLIDWORKS assemblies and drawings
  • Drive Data Card values for files and folders
  • Drive SOLIDWORKS components that are saved in the vault
  • Integrate PDM serial numbers into your DriveWorks numbering scheme

How to configure the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Integration Utility

If you’re already using SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) Professional to manage and synchronize your design and manufacturing data, you can ensure data generated by DriveWorks is also handled by SOLIDWORKS PDM. Set DriveWorks Pro to automatically integrate with SOLIDWORKS PDM, allowing you to check-in and securely store all documents and design data managed and generated by DriveWorks. This can include models, assemblies, and drawings, as well as sales documents and any other additional file format. Configuring the PDM integration utility in DriveWorks is easy!

DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration

DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration

  1. Ensure you have a local vault view installed on your machine
  2. Open any DriveWorks module, and navigate to the settings
  3. Under “Plugin Settings” select the PDM Professional integration plugin and choose “Enable
  4. Select “Settings” to configure the plugin settings
  5. Add your vault name and assign an existing PDM login and password (this can even be a DriveWorks specific credential.
  6. Choose how you would like DriveWorks to manage your files within PDM
  7. Run DriveWorks!

Additionally, there are even more way s to connect PDM professional and DriveWorks via PDM Tasks and Functions. These take the DriveWorks integration one step further allowing you to trigger PDM actions as part of a macro or the DriveWorks specification flow! Use these PDM actions to import and use a PDM serial number for your DriveWorks models, update data card information, or even perform a PDM search within your DriveWorks project.

Learn more about DriveWorks Integration

DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS PDM are seamlessly integrated giving the best file management experience possible from a design automation tool! To learn more about the DriveWorks PDM integration capabilities visit the DriveWorks Help File. Also take a DriveWorks Professional training course live online from Javelin.

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