Using the Learn Checks Wizard in SOLIDWORKS Design Checker to Create a Standards File

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated November 14, 2022


SOLIDWORKS Design Checker is a great way to automate drawing consistency. The SOLIDWORKS Design Checker has four available modules: check active documents, check against existing file, build checks, and learn checks wizard. The Check Active Document module allows a user to compare a drawing to a chosen .swstd file. Check Against Existing File allows a user to compare one drawing to another. The Build Checks module allows a user to create a .swstd file. The Learn Checks Wizard allows users to open a document and create a .swstd file based on the setting in an opened document. Below we will go over how to use the learn checks wizard module.

First, open the document you would like the checks to be based. Once the document is open go under Tools>Design Checker>Learn Checks Wizard.

SOLIDWORKS Design Checker wizard

SOLIDWORKS Design Checker Wizard

A task pane will appear on the right side of the screen.  The task pane will have the following categories: Document Checks, Annotation Checks, Dimension Checks, Drawing Document Checks, and Part Document Checks.

menu with words

Design Checker

Within each of these categories there are various sub-categories to build checks based off when you expand a category. If we expand the drawing document checks tab, there are options to create a standard template check, a layer check, or a title block check. To create a check, click the white box to the left of the name of the check. Once checked, a table will appear at the bottom of the task pane with the characteristics (parameter name and value) used in said document that will be the standard for the check to use.

design checker parameters

Design Checker Parameters

If Build Checks Wizard is used for a parts document, the tool gives you the option to enter sketch mode. Sketch mode allows the user to select dimensions to include in a check.

Once all checks have been selected, press the green check at the top left corner of the task pane and the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker pop up will then allow the user to look at the summary view of the .swstd file. Here the user can see all checks in the file and can edit them within this tool.

design checker pop out

By comparison to the standard build checks module, the learn checks module wizard cuts down significantly on manual labor involved in creating a standards file. Rather than creating a standards file from scratch it allows the user to create a base standards document from an active document and then use it as is or edit it further in the Design Checker pop out tool.

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