Where can I find the latest release of SOLIDWORKS What’s New documentation?

Article by Chris Briand, CSWE updated October 17, 2023


The SOLIDWORKS what’s new documentation is an infinitely popular request during each product release season,

Aside from some light bedtime reading, most SOLIDWORKS users are searching for this guide in order to explore or validate if their organization should update to the latest release of SOLIDWORKS or persist with the use of their currently deployed release.

Where to find the SOLIDWORKS What’s New Documentation

A local search, directly within each installation of SOLIDWORKS, will reveal a PDF copy of the What’s New documentation within the following default folder location:

“C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\lang\english\manuals”

Finding this copy of the SOLIDWORKS What’s new PDF would only provide you with the new feature information for the release you have installed – What if you are hunting for the very latest release info?

Using your Internet Browser to navigate to “SolidWorks Web Help” (https://help.solidworks.com)

Once you have arrived on the SOLIDWORKS help Site:

  • Choose the desired release (Annual Release of SOLIDWORKS)
  • Choose the What’s New link.

Where to find the What’s New Content on https://help.solidworks.com



SOLIDWORKS has done a wonderful job in recent years of consolidating resources for support and information regarding all aspects of SOLIDWORKS, especially the Installation and Administration guides for SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, and other complementary products that have been added to the suite of tools that SOLIDOWRKS Provides.

The easiest way to obtain the official SOLIDWORKS RELEASE NOTES, Installation Guides & Administration Guides is via the following URL:

Administration Guides | MySolidWorks (https://my.solidworks.com/support/adminguides)

At the top of the page you will be prompted for the yearly release for which you are seeking the documentation, and you can then search the listing for the desired documents.

With any luck the SOLIDWORKS What’s New PDF will reveal wonderful features and enhancements that will have a positive impact on your organizations workflow.

Happy Upgrade Season!

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