Getting to Know the Javelin Customer Care Team – We are Rollcoaster Junkies

Article by Adam Harte-Maxwell, CSWE created/updated September 22, 2010

Everyone once in a while, we like to get out as a team and do something fun!  This summer, the majority vote was for Canada’s Wonderland.  Well, turns out we have a fair number of coaster junkies.  If you are a fellow junkie and have visited Wonderland between now and 2008, you’ve likely ridden the Behemoth.  What a ride!!  5,318 ft long by 230 ft high of adrenaline pumping, gut wretching roller coaster goodness!  Hitting upwards of 125 km/hr on the first drop at a 75 deg. declination.   You can check out some cool 3D renderings, videos and the track layout from their site –

This is definitely one of the best coasters in Ontario, if not all of Canada!  I highly recommend it!

Next summer?  Perhaps Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio to ride the Millennium Force!  This coaster takes it to a whole new level!

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Adam Harte-Maxwell, CSWE

National Technical Support Manager at Javelin Technologies; manages team of almost 20 support technicians who provide post-sales technical support, training, and consulting relating to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design packages, PDM file management, SIMULATION stress analysis, ELECTRICAL and PCB design, COMPOSER and VISUALIZE, and more, to our customers. First exposure to SOLIDWORKS was the 98Plus version in my prior life as a mechanical designer prior to January 2005 when I joined Javelin.