Going Green with EPDM

Article by Wayne Keller created/updated September 29, 2010

Why is EPDM green you ask? Well, let me tell you!

  • EPDM can remove the need to print preliminary drawings that need to be approved. When I worked as a mechanical designer without EPDM, I would print stacks and stacks of drawings (sometimes many times) before the entire design was approved. Since EPDM uses electronic notifications, we can eliminate the need to print a copy of a drawing that needs an approval. Only an automatic email would be sent from the designer to the approver stating that a file needs their attention. The approver can then access the file with a hyperlink and view it within the EPDM vault. The approver can then approve it or send it for changes all without ever thinking of printing the file.
  • EPDM can also remove the need to print released for production prints that would be used by manufacturing.  Once the drawing is approved, EPDM can automatically create released for production prints in PDF format for example, which can totally eliminate the need for any paper to hit the production floor. All the production personnel would need is a computer with EPDM to view all of the drawing information.

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