SolidWorks Composer in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

Article by Eric van Essen updated November 12, 2010


In SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2011, we now have the ability to view SolidWorks Composer files directly inside the view tab in Windows Explorer and in the search dialogue.  I see this changing the landscape for how we communicate our designs to the rest of the company.  We have been able to preview 3D for a while but the key difference is being able to author digestible content.  Instead of flipping through long documents or looking at complex drawings, we can now go directly to an interactive 3D instruction set.  Applications that I’ve seen SolidWorks customers use it for include manufacturing assembly, maintenance, training and marketing.  I’m sure there are many other applications as well.

I can’t wait to see the impact that this has on our customers because I believe it can really change how they communicate for many applications.

SolidWorks Composer in Enterprise PDM Search Results

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