Select like a Pro with Power and Advanced Select

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated June 27, 2011


You may have noticed the Select tool in the menu toolbar is always highlighted.  But have you seen the drop-down menu beside the button?  This provides some quick selection filters and custom selection options.


In the part environment, the Power Select tool is available.  This opens a tab in the Task Pane with many additional options.

Part Selection Menu

Use the Power Select options to select Edges, Features, Faces and/or Loops using filters and parameters.  For example using Feature Type, you can select all fillet features in the model.  Or you can select by Edge Convexity, Edge Angle, Face/Feature Color, Feature Name or Surface Type.  This allows you to quickly select and find items without manually searching.

Power Select


In the assembly environment, you have 6 different choices.  “Volume Select” allows you to drag a box to contain items to select.  “Select Mated To” lets you click a component and anything mated to it will be selected.  “Select Internal Components” for components enclosed within the assembly.  And the 3 other options allow you to quickly select all Suppressed, Hidden or Toolbox components.

Assembly Selection Menu

But to take this even further, you are able to add custom selection searches if you select “Advanced Select.”  Choose a category, condition and value for the selection criteria.  Even add additional criteria with And/Or logic.  Enter the Name of Search and hit the Save button.  Move over to the Manage Searches tab and add your new search as a favorite on the drop-down list.

Advanced Select Categories

Here are some selection filters that you may find handy:


File Status Options
File Type Options

Custom Property Options

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