DriveWorks Tutorial: Specification Flow (3 of 5) – Adding Another State [VIDEO]

Article by Adam Bridgman, CSWE updated June 12, 2013


If another paused state is added then we can see the effect on the specification flow.


To add an additional state to the workflow click Add State, call it middle

After a new state is added it is not useful until it has transitions that lead to it.  Transitions do not have to go both ways, it is okay if we add a transition from start to middle and middle to finish.

Once the changes are made they must be saved before we see them when running a new specification.

If go to middle is pressed then the specification explorer actions will show the following:


Transitions between two paused states are possible, they trigger all the events and properties of the transition and change the name of the state, but do not bring up the user form.  If Go to finish is pressed the results are seen immediately


If go to start is pressed here then the form will be activated and the buttons will allow us to repeat the process.  We do not have to return to the start state for this to happen, any time a transition results in a running state the form will pop up.

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