The reaction moment on a fixed face [VIDEO]

Article by Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE updated June 18, 2013


Reaction moments are only applicable to element with nodes having degrees of freedom in rotation. This is not the case for solids as they only have 3 degrees of freedom per node (3 translations, but no rotation). So how can we get reaction moments on fixed faces of Solid Bodies?

To get the reaction moment on a fixed face

  1. Create a Point at the geometrical center of the face. This can be done for instance by using: Insert, Reference geometry, Point, and selecting the Center of Face option.
  2. If the direction of the reaction moments you want are not aligned with the global coordinate system or any already defined coordinate system, then create one with the orientation you desire.
  3. In simulation, right click on the Results folder and select List Result Force.
  4. Select Free body force as the option. Select the point you created in the Vertex or Reference Point for Location of Moment field, select the coordinate system you want in the Plane, Axis or Coordinate System field and select the face.
  5. The moment components are listed in the Free Body Moment table.

This technique will only work if Free body forces are available. It will not be available if Large Displacement option is enabled in Static Analysis. Watch the clip below to see how to find the reaction moment on fixed solid faces.


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