SolidWorks Tutorial: Import Diagnostics (2) – The Manual Healing Technique [VIDEO]

Article by Alin Vargatu, CSWE updated December 3, 2013


This is the second in a series of articles focused on troubleshooting and healing topological errors from geometry imported in SolidWorks.

Fig. 1 Multiple overlapping faces

Fig. 1 Multiple overlapping faces

Yesterday we presented a simple case study of using the Import Diagnostics tool inside SolidWorks for troubleshooting and fixing errors in an imported body. While that workflow did not use the automatic healing options inside the Import Diagnostics tool, it allowed the user to find the parasite face that created the problem and manually remove it, thus healing the solid body.

Today we will take a look at a more difficult problem where the topological errors are so complex that neither the automatic, nor the manual tools inside the Import Diagnostics could heal the solid body. That being said, the Import Diagnostics is still very valuable for its troubleshooting functionality.

In this case, it will reveal that the problem is created by multiple overlapping faces, as you can see in Fig. 1.

For the healing process, we will exit the Import Diagnostics interface and will use manual techniques we learned in the Advanced Part Modeling and Surface Modeling courses delivered by the Javelin Training Team.

Please watch this video for the complete demonstration of this case study.


Please visit our blog tomorrow for the third article of this series.

Note: The model shown in the video has been posted on the SolidWorks Forum by Mukesh Prasad.

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