Is your SOLIDWORKS Inspection OCR Language Lost in Translation?

Article by Scott Lidgey updated January 18, 2015


So your engineering drawing notes read this…

japanese cap

But SOLIDWORKS Inspection reads it like this…

japanese cap2

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2015 SP1.1 now supports multi-languages. English, Chinese simplified & Traditional, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish to be exact. It’s simply a matter of setting the appropriate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) language options.

Changing the SOLIDWORKS Inspection OCR language

Once an inspection project has been started simply go to the options dialogue box.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection options

Access the inspection options

  1. Select the “Project Options” tab
  2. Then select the “Imaging/OCR” tab
  3. Under the “Notes” section select the appropriate language and then select OK.
SOLIDWORKS Inspection OCR language options

Select the required language

Now extracting notes from your drawings are recognized in the correct language.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Extract Note Tool

Extract Note Tool

In the following example Japanese characters are recognized:

Japanese recognized in SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Japanese characters recognized

Save as a Project Template

Since this change was to the “Project Options” you might consider saving this as a new project template so the next time a drawing is received in this language the options will be pre-set.

To learn more about SOLIDWORKS Inspection software visit our product page.

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