Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal in MySolidWorks

Article by Rod Mackay updated July 7, 2015


Sheet Metal Part

SOLIDWORKS 3D design software allows you to quickly and cost-effectively create sheet metal part designs using a simple design process, saving you time and development costs. Using SOLIDWORKS sheet metal tools you can:

  • Design 3D solid sheet metal parts and assemblies
  • Convert 3D models or imported CAD models directly to SOLIDWORKS sheet metal models and automatically input your own bend radius, thickness, and K-factor
  • Design around a group of parts in an assembly

When your 3D sheet metal part is complete it can be easily flattened to generate flat patterns that include bend compensation for manufacturing.

Get an Introduction to Sheet Metal

Learning how to create sheet metal parts can start with MySolidWorks. A 9 minute lesson is available which covers the basics of how to create a sheet metal part and flatten it. Click to launch the Introduction to Sheet Metal lesson.

Introduction to Sheet Metal

Introduction to Sheet Metal

Get a Full Sheet Metal Training Course

The SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal course is designed for users who need to learn how to model sheet metal parts that will be bent in a press brake. You will learn how to build complex sheet metal models (stand-alone or multibody) by using the various flange features or by converting solid bodies directly into sheet metal parts, apply forming tools, create flat patterns, and detail everything in drawings. An overview of the course is listed below:

  • Lesson 1: Basic Flange Features – Hem, Miter, Edge, and Tabs
  • Lesson 2: Working with the Flat Pattern – Corner Trim, Tables, Cut Lists, Exporting Flat Patterns
  • Lesson 3: Additional Sheet Metal Techniques – Fold and Unfold, Jog feature, Swept Flange, Lofted Bends, Formed Lofts,
  • Lesson 4: Converting to Sheet Metal  – Inserting Bends, Rips, Welded Corners, converting cones and cylinders
  • Lesson 5: Multibody Sheet Metal Parts – Cut list items, Drawings and Annotations, Hide/show Bodies
  • Lesson 6: Forming Tools and Gussets – Custom Tools, Punch Tables
  • Lesson 7: Additional Sheet Metal Functions – Cross-Breaks, Vent Features, Mirror Part, Process Plans, Sheet Metal Costing
  • Appendix A: Sheet Metal Tables – Tables, Templates and Other Tables, Customizing Tables, K-Factor Ratio Tables.

The 2 Day course can be taken in a classroom in a Canadian city near you, or live online in 4 Days (4 hours/day).

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