On Demand SOLIDWORKS PDM Training now available in MySolidWorks

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated July 7, 2015

MySolidWorks SOLIDWORKS EPDM Training

MySolidWorks SOLIDWORKS PDM Training

MySolidWorks Training contains a number of excellent self paced training videos explaining how to perform many common processes for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and Standard users.  Presently there are 19 lessons available, including fundamentals such as:

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Windows Explorer Interface
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Check Out, Edit, Check In
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-In Interface
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Workflows

And more advanced lessons:

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Using Custom Search Cards
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Adding, Editing and Recalling Favorite Searches
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM File History
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Copy/Move Tree
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Working with Named BOMs, BOM Versions and Comparing BOMs

Plus many more lessons for specific SOLIDWORKS PDM commands.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The SOLIDWORKS PDM lessons are available only for MySolidWorks Standard (or Professional) and/or customers with an active SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service account..

Get the SOLIDWORKS PDM Training

More information about MySolidWorks Standard

The MySolidWorks Standard package is included with your SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service and features:

  • MySolidWorks Search – Get the best answers to questions from across all SOLIDWORKS community resources, Knowledge Base and advanced forum sections in one location
  • 30+ hours of online SOLIDWORKS training content
  • MySolidWorks Drive for sharing files
  • Access to MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network
  • Access to My VAR content including tech tips and articles

Learn more about the different MySolidWorks accounts and what is included

Looking for more SOLIDWORKS PDM Training?

We offer live online training and in-class training for SOLIDWORKS PDM for new and existing users and administrators. Learn more about the PDM courses we offer

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Andrew Lidstone, CSWE

Andrew Lidstone is a SOLIDWORKS Elite Application Engineer specializing in Data Management systems. He has been working in the SOLIDWORKS reseller channel since 2010 helping clients get the most from their CAD tools.