SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 New Properties Side Panel

Article by Justin Flett updated September 23, 2015


One of the greatest enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 is the addition of a new side panel display on the right side of the user interface to help users find information faster and more efficiently.  This will also improve ease of use and productivity by reducing the number of clicks required to perform typical actions.

The Side Panel shows the properties of any object within your electrical project, and allows you to edit properties directly from the side panel.  Note that you click the pencil icon in the top right to enable full property editing.  The screenshot below shows the new properties side panel when a connector object has been selected.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 New Properties Side Panel

New Property Side Panel

Additionally the property tabs are context-sensitive, depending on the type of object selected the property tabs will change to offer access to each of the available object properties. The screenshot below shows when a wire object is selected we are presented with property tabs for wire style, cabling, equipotential, and graphical properties.  This helps improve productivity and usability as prior to SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 we would need to right-click on the wire and select each of these individual properties separately, we now have all object properties accessible to us with a single click.

Properties of a Wire

Properties of a Wire

The properties side panel is on the right side of your screen by default, but the panel can be repositioned to best suit your needs as with any panels.  As always, remember that these side panels can be accessed from “Dockable Panels” from within the “View” tab.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016

The dockable properties side panel is just one of the many new features to be found in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016. To learn about other SOLIDWORKS enhancements we recommend that you attend our Launch Broadcast on either Thursday October 1st or Tuesday October 6th. Please visit our registration page to register for a Broadcast event.


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