SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 Project Macros

Article by Justin Flett updated September 25, 2015


One of my personal favorite enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 is the addition of the Project Macro functionality.  The project macro allows a user to save a project or a part of a project for re-use within another project.

New for SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 is the ability to right-click on an entire project or book and create a macro of that project.  Additionally, we can create project macros of any specific parts of a project by simply multi-selecting all the sheets of a project you would like to include and select create project macro from these sheets.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 Project Macros

Create Project Macro

In the project above for example, we would like to reuse our line diagram and schematic documents in similar projects.  In this case we can just right-right click on the multi-selected sheets and select create project macro from the shortcut menu, which will automatically generate a new project macro containing these two sheets.

Once we’ve generated our new macro we can open up a new project, right-click on the document book and select “Insert project macro” which will insert our newly created project macro.

Insert Project Macro

Insert Project Macro

After selecting “Insert project macro” you will be prompted with the Paste Special Wizard which will run through all the paste options available for inserting your project macro into your new project.  The screenshot below shows both sheets that were used to create the project macro in Step 1.

Project Macro Options

Project Macro Options

The addition of Project Macros in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 is a great enhancement, especially for those trying to automate their electrical design processes.  Project macros can save days, weeks, or even months of electrical design time if properly utilized.  These macros can also reduce design errors and revision time that are inevitable when re-designing large projects.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 Project Macros is just one of the many new features to be found in the latest release. To learn about other SOLIDWORKS enhancements we recommend that you attend our Launch Broadcast on either Thursday October 1st or Tuesday October 6th. Please visit our registration page to register for a Broadcast event.


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