How to Remove Appearance in a SOLIDWORKS Motion Study (Animation)

Article by Sanja Srzic updated October 15, 2015


Appearances in a SOLIDWORKS Motion Study (animation) tend to return after being deleted if the corresponding animation key is not updated.

In the example shown below, subassembly components appear in different colours.

Remove Appearance

Model Appearances

In the motion study, the same subassembly has an appearance override.

Animation Appearances

Animation Appearances

Removing subassembly appearance from the model using standard methods seems to work only until the animation is run again, when the appearance simply returns.

The following screenshot shows the animation key that holds the override.

Appearance Key

Appearance Key

In addition when you remove appearance from the model, animation key needs to be reset:  right-click on the appearance key and select the Replace Key option.

Replace Key

Replace Key

To learn more about Animations

Try the training course in MySolidWorks to learn more about creating animations in SOLIDWORKS.

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