Troubleshooting Short Shot Injection Molding Defects with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Article by Aditya Chandurkar updated December 3, 2015


What is a Short Shot? When the plastic material does not completely fill the mold cavity during the injection molding process, this phenomenon is called a Short or Short Shot. An example is shown in the SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation results video below:

Causes of Short Shot

  • Poor Plastic material selection
  • Part design issues
  • Incorrect runner balancing parameters
  • Incorrect molding machine pressure

Solution to avoid a Short Shot

Using SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation capabilities, injection molding issues such as short shots and many more can be rectified well before the mold cavity is created.

Poor Plastic Material Selection

SOLIDWORKS Plastics offers over 4000+ commercial plastics for simulation purposes. Selecting material is very easy and using SOLIDWORKS post processing results, it can be determined whether the chosen materials can fill up the mold cavity.

Material Database for Short Shot

Material Database

Part design issues

Sometimes Short Shots occur when the material wall thickness is too thin. This issue can be resolved easily as a plastics simulation package is nicely integrated with SOLIDWORKS. Just by simply changing tabs, the designer can modify part parameters such as sketch dimensions, extruded thickness, wall thickness and many more. Once the desired changes are made, the part can be re-analysed with updated simulation results.

Incorrect runner balancing parameters

For family mold layouts, it is important that all mold cavities fill up at the same time. To eliminate the short shots issue, SOLIDWORKS Plastics offers the runner balancing tool. Using the runner balancing tool, the user can vary multiple runner segments and find out if the runner parameters fill up all the cavities at the same time.

Runner Balancing

Runner Balancing

Incorrect molding machine pressure

Using plastics post processing, the user can determine if the injection machine molding pressure is too low to fill up the mold cavity. By varying parameters such as wall thickness and injection material makes SOLIDWORKS Plastics a hassle free easy to use tool to determine the accurate injection molding pressure.

Injection moulding pressure

Injection moulding pressure


SOLIDWORKS Plastics brings easy-to-use injection molding simulation directly to the designers of plastic parts and injection molds, as well as advanced CAE analysis.  You can quickly evaluate manufacturability while you design, to eliminate costly mold rework, improve part quality, and accelerate time to market.

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