PCBWorks Free Trial & Introductory Tutorial

Article by Justin Flett updated January 22, 2016


PCBWorks has teamed up with SOLIDWORKS to provide an extensive electro-mechanical collaboration design package.  The best way to get familiar with this new and exciting software is to try it out yourself with a PCBWorks Free Trial.

PCBWorks has released a great introductory tutorial which anyone can follow as a step-by-step guide to test out the software and take a sneak peek into the vast potential of this great product.

The tutorial goes through the full electro-mechanical design process for a simple astable multivibrator, and illustrates the power and capabilities of collaboration between PCBWorks and SOLIDWORKS.  You start off by generating the electrical schematic using the schematic editor.

PCBWorks Free Trial and Introductory Tutorial

Schematic Editor

Once you’ve generated the schematic with the help of the component library you can move forward to the circuit board design within the PCB editor.

PCB Editor

PCB Editor

When you are happy with the PCB design you can move on to the mechanical output of the board and push this information to SOLIDWORKS for the mechanical design phase of the project.

3D PCB Model

3D PCB Model

The mechanical design team can generate the mechanical envelope or housing and make and mechanical board changes as needed.  They can then push this information back to the electrical design team with the click of a button for approval or revisions.

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For more information about PCBWorks

Read our recent PCBWorks blog post for a demo video, images, and detailed explanation to help potential users understand PCBWorks. Or call 1-877-219-6757.

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