How to improve SOLIDWORKS Composer Digger Image Quality [VIDEO]

Article by Justin Flett updated January 21, 2016


When using the SOLIDWORKS Composer Digger tool, you may notice that after capturing the image the quality of the digger image seems to be quite low.  The reason for this is due to the resolution settings as defined in WorkShopsHigh Resolution Image.

In the image below it is quite obvious that the captured digger image on the right is a much higher quality image then the capture on the left.  This is because the high resolution pixel count was doubled for the capture on the right, from 1280px to 2560px.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Digger Image Quality

SOLIDWORKS Composer Digger Image Quality

Another handy tip to note is that a previously created digger capture can be re-opened by simply double clicking on the capture.  This means that if we don’t like the quality of our first capture we can always double click the capture, increase the pixel count and recapture the image to obtain a higher quality image.

The video below gives a brief step by step guide to improving SOLIDWORKS Composer digger image quality:

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