How to hide the SOLIDWORKS Composer compass from Animation & Image Outputs

Article by Justin Flett updated January 20, 2016


The SOLIDWORKS Composer Compass Icon in the top-right corner of the viewport is used to help orient your viewpoint within the 3D environment.  The compass is a collaborative actor and can be used and controlled just like any other collaborative actor.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Compass Icon

SOLIDWORKS Composer Compass Icon

When creating images and animations generally we would not want the compass in our final outputs, as it is more useful for the designer to use when creating the outputs and not necessarily desired in the final output product.  If an animation is created with the compass visible, then the compass will be included in the animation.  If we’d like to remove the compass from our final animations we would just need to hide it like any other collaborative actor.

Hide the SOLIDWORKS Composer Compass

To hide the SOLIDWORKS Composer compass simply go to the Collaboration tab, select the Compass under the ‘Environment’ heading and either uncheck the checkbox or use the visibility tools to hide the compass.

The brief video below goes through this quick and simple process:

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Composer

To learn more about SOLIDWORKS Composer attend a training course either online or in-person in a classroom near you.

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