Design & Flatten Insulation Covers with Exactflat and SOLIDWORKS

Article by Scott Ellery updated February 24, 2016

Flatten Insulation Covers

Insulation Covers

ExactFlat is a SOLIDWORKS certified gold partner product that accurately addresses some traditionally tedious and labour intensive processes in the soft goods fabrication industry, it can take complex geometry of soft goods CAD models (textiles, furniture cushions, fabrics, and more) and accurately flatten the shape for cutting as well as fully analyzing the flattened shape for stretch and sag to make sure that it fits perfectly the first time.

The ability to flatten insulation covers for piping is a perfect example to show the power and flexibility of this software and how it can save you time and money.  You might not think that pipe insulation sounds like a difficult task to design but it was very labourious before ExactFlat came along, as it requires very precise cutting of insulation layers as well as exact positioning of fasteners and straps. It can also be very difficult to wrap complex valves and piping but with Exactflat it’s a snap.

Insulation wrap fabricators committing to significant time-to-market improvement face many challenges:  Many one-off projects, complex 3D parts, different layers (hot, thermal, protective),  straps, lacing wire, Velcro, snaps, access points, etc., and manual pattern making, to name a few.  No company wants to lose business with a long drawn-out improvement process and many also know if they do not change now, they risk losing projects or leaving money on the table for those they win.

Case Study: 60% Less Project Time using ExactFlat

Watch the case study video below to see how one of ExactFlat’s customers saved 60% on project time using the ExactFlat software, as well as seeing the process in action:

Using ExactFlat to Flatten Insulation Covers

Watch the video below to learn how ExactFlat is used to design and flatten insulation covers:

Learn more about ExactFlat

Visit our microsite to learn more about ExactFlat and the different applications for the software

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