SOLIDWORKS Multiple Mate Mode

Article by Jim Peltier, CSWE updated February 25, 2016


Often times, in SOLIDWORKS, we will need to apply multiple mates of a similar type in an assembly. There is an option called SOLIDWORKS Multiple Mate Mode that can accomplish this. This process works with all kinds of mates, but it’s easily demonstrated here with the concentric mate. Please consider the following assembly:

I'd like to make everything concentric to the bolt

I’d like to make everything concentric to the bolt

Looking at the assembly, there is one bolt, 3 washers, 3 lock washers and 3 nuts. Using traditional mate selection methods, you would require 18 selection clicks. What if I told you it could be done in 10? Let’s check it out. If I launch the mate command from the toolbars, I take notice of the button indicated:

Multiple Mate Mode

Multiple Mate Mode

Using this button changes the interface on the side a bit. It allows me to select one as a common reference (in my example, the cylindrical face on the bolt) and then select as many other references as I like (a cylindrical face on each of the other components). Behold:

SOLIDWORKS Multiple Mate Mode

Applying a Multi Mate

This is likely enough for most people, but it you want to get really fancy, there’s a checkbox for “Create multi-mate folder” that you might notice in the above screenshot. Here is what that option does:

Multi-mate folder

Multi-mate folder

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