Automate to Dominate: Create effortless Drawings (and other Manufacturing data) with DriveWorks

Article by John Mignardi updated July 21, 2016


I joined the Javelin team in October 2000 and vividly remember the impression that we made on designers during SOLIDWORKS drawing creation presentations. They were amazed when we would simply “drag and drop” a 3D model onto a drawing template and instantly create four views and a Bill of Material (BOM).

They could not believe their eyes when we made a design change to the 3D model and, with a couple mouse clicks, all the drawings were automatically updated. You’ve got to love associative drawings!

SOLIDWORKS automation  with DriveWorks

Product Configurators

Today, to me, “drag and drop” and associative drawings seem like an awful lot of work. Plus, drawings are only one “output” required to manufacture a product. Other outputs include:

  • Flat pattern files
  • Cut lists
  • Inspection documents
  • Quotes
  • Renderings
  • And more

Furthermore, the data generated from Engineering somehow has to be absorbed into other business systems such as a CRM, ERP and/or CAM system. The effort can be tremendous and a huge opportunity for automation.

Product Configurators

In the first post in our “Automate to Dominate” blog series, we discussed the use of Product Configurators to:

  • Make it easy for sales people, dealers or customers to specify a new configuration
  • Provide real-time pricing and quotes that are instant and automatically generating
  • Make it as easy to order an industrial product as it is to order a pizza

The value of a Product Configurator grows exponentially if it is able to do more than just provide a quote. For example, ordering an airline ticket online is of limited value if the airline is not aware of your purchase and your seats are not reserved.

With DriveWorks, repetitive and time-consuming tasks are automated. 

The list of “outputs” that can be automatically generated include, but are not limited to:

  • Detailed Engineering drawings (general arrangement and fabrication drawings)
  • 3D Models
  • Flat Patterns
  • Bills of Materials (BOM’s)
  • Renderings
  • Cut lists
  • Electronic files with data ready for import into ERP
  • Sales Opportunities in a CRM system

SOLIDWORKS Drawing creation is fast

If the fact that drawings and other content is automatically generated is not impressive enough, let’s talk about speed of delivery. In most instances, a full project can be completed almost instantaneously. As a result, many of our customers have cut response time on customer inquiries from days to minutesOne of our customers will get a call from a sales rep if their drawing package is not ready within 10 minutes from when the specification is complete. It’s that fast!

SOLIDWORKS drawing creation

Configurator Downloads

Try a DriveWorks powered product configurator for yourself

Check out the test website, where you can configure a lift table, wood cabinet, trailer body, or picture frame. Have questions? Learn more on our website and/or call me at (877) 219-6757 x217.



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