Automate to Dominate: Automated Product Library Creation with DriveWorks

Article by John Mignardi updated August 11, 2016


One of the most common topics that arises during discussions about DriveWorks and Product Configurators is product libraries. Many companies mistakenly believe that they need to have every possible component and every possible assembly in their product library. For companies that design a high number of permutations and computations, libraries may never be complete.

One of the great things about DriveWorks is that you do not need all of your product libraries to be complete. In other words, if you have 50,000 possible variations of your product, all you need is one master model, a database of values (or rules that govern design) and DriveWorks will automatically create them all.

automate to dominate

Flange library

Build product libraries overnight or over time

In the past, many designers used Design Tables to create new variants of a design. Design Tables are effective if there are a limited number of different variants. As your product library grows, Design Tables eventually become cumbersome and can have a negative impact on performance and productivity.

DriveWorks architecture utilizes SQL databases to automatically create all the SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies to build new configurations. Having the data in SQL also makes it quick and easy to track variants that have already been created so that parts or sub-assemblies that already exist can be re-used.

For example, where two cupboards (shown below) are exactly alike except for the door style and handles, DriveWorks would re-use all the common parts and only create the new door and insert the new handles. This capability will enhance the speed with which all the assemblies are created and avoid designing duplicate parts.

Virtual Electronic Catalogues

Walk into nearly any design shop and you will see walls full of paper catalogues. With DriveWorks, you can eliminate the need for paper catalogues and provide your customers with a website that they can use to configure and ultimately specify your product in their designs.

automate to dominate

Bulky wall of catalogues and reference materials

Designers can go online, configure what they need (within the parameters of what you will allow) and DriveWorks will generate the models and other information that they need to complete their designs.

Manufacturers of cylinders, valves and other industrial components have been offering customers the ability to download models for use in designs for many years. With DriveWorks, your customers will have the ability to select from pre-existing libraries or create new designs to meet their specific needs.

Automated SOLIDWORKS Library

Online Conveyor Configurator

In summary, every company needs a competitive edge. DriveWorks can help you create an automated SOLIDWORKS library as well as associated manufacturing content. The earlier this technology can be deployed in the design process, the greater the gains. “Automate to Dominate” the competition with DriveWorks.

Want to dominate your competition?

Join us for this upcoming webinar where we will discuss the many ways DriveWorks Design Automation & Sales Configuration can help your business Automate to Dominate.

Topics will include:

  1. Automated Quoting – Integrated Product Specification and Automated Quote Generation
  2. Automated Drawings (and other manufacturing content)
  3. Automated Library Creation (Complete libraries overnight or over time)
  4. Automated Integration with enterprise business systems (ERP, CRM)

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