SOLIDWORKS Sweep Profile Selection Enhanced to include Faces, Edges, & Curves

Article by Mehdi Rezaei, CSWE updated October 30, 2016


The SOLIDWORKS Sweep feature has been improving over the years; unlike Extrude the Sweep feature requires at least two sketches to be selected, namely the Profile and Path. In the past, from customer requests, DS SOLIDWORKS added the “Circular Profile” option to make the sweep with only one sketch for path and hence make them quicker. However, if the profile is different to a circle, it needs to be sketched; or in the quickest way be converted from the existed edges or faces.

SOLIDWORKS Sweep feature enhancement

For the 2017 release the SOLIDWORKS Sweep feature removes the need to convert entities of an existing face for a selection set. You can now select faces, edges, and curves directly from models as sweep profiles. Enhanced selection is supported with Boss, Base, Cut, Surface, and Assembly cut sweep features.

You can select:

  • Faces from model geometry.
  • A single edge or reference geometry curves that contain a smooth, closed loop.
  • A group of edges or curves selected as a loop using the SelectionManager.

Using the new selection options

In the following image the edge and face of an existing body can be used to run a sweep. In this case, Swept Boss/Base is selected from Features toolbar or from InsertBoss/Base > Sweep. In the PropertyManager, under Profile and Path, Sketch Profile is selected. At this stage either the face or the edge of the existing body can be selected for a Profile.

Sweep Enhancement in SolidWorks 2017

Sweep Enhancement in SOLIDWORKS 2017

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