SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Active Directory users no longer automatically updated!?

Article by Justin Williams updated November 24, 2016


Any SOLIDWORKS PDM vault administrator that uses the Windows Active Directory integration within PDM to manage users will have noticed the slow process of expanding the users node via the administration tool.

When the users node is expanded SOLIDWORKS PDM software has to validate each user in the vault against the Active Directory groups and users in the Windows login settings.  Multiple validation requests are required for each user and in some environments and this can take a long time. In extreme cases there have been reports of 20-30 minutes to complete.

This can be frustrating if you’re only trying to access the users node for a simple change. Which is why SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2015 SP4 and newer by default does NOT automatically check for changes in Active Directory and is a manual process to complete.

Manually Validating Logins

To validate the logins; Administration Tool > [right-click] Users > Validate Logins;

Validate Logins for Active Directory

Validate Logins for Active Directory

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