SOLIDWORKS 2017 Icon Colours

Article by Jamie Hill, CSWE updated January 6, 2017


SOLIDWORKS 2017 gives us a splash of colour!

SOLIDWORKS 2016 introduced a new vector based icon design and colour scheme designed for 4k monitors. Still many users requested the option to return to the more classic colour scheme. DS SOLIDWORKS listened and now provides us with a splash of colour to give that familiar feel to the UI.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Icon Colours


To set the icon colours to classic style select Tools > Options > Colors > Classic from the Icon color drop down menu

Enabling Classic Icons

Enabling Classic Icons

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Resources

Access our resources page to get everything you need to learn what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2017; including tech tips, demonstrations, and upcoming product webinars.


SOLIDWORKS 2017 Resources

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Jamie Hill, CSWE

Jamie is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert working in the Javelin Oakville, Ontario, Canada office.