Save time by using a SOLIDWORKS Hole Series in your assemblies!

Article by Bryan Sprange, CSWE updated July 23, 2017


If you have an assembly where you would like to create a counter-bored hole in one part, a clearance hole in another, and end it all off with a threaded hole, a SOLIDWORKS Hole Series is a quick and easy way to accomplish all of these holes in one task! As an added bonus SOLIDWORKS will even place a fastener, and any combination of washers or nuts for you while keeping everything linked and organised so that any changes can be simply completed easily within one feature.

How will a SOLIDWORKS Hole Series save time?

SOLIDWORKS Hole Series allows you to create a new hole, or take an existing hole from a part, and push it through any parts which intersect the axis of the hole. This can save time as you are editing multiple parts while staying in the assembly.

This is great if there is a part in your assembly with the hole pattern already defined, such as the cover in this assembly.

Select sldprt features while in the assembly

Select Hole Wizard, Pattern, and Sketch features from the SOLIDWORKS part

Automatically install your hardware

Not only will a Hole Series propagate holes to other parts simply by selecting them from the graphics window, you can easily include all of the hardware required.

Choose fasteners for your requirements

Choose which parts to propagate the hole through and clearances required.

Keep it Clean

Hole Series adds all of the features and toolbox components it creates to folders to keep your FeatureManager clean.

Hole Series has 12 Fastener stacks and through holes created in one feature!

One Editable feature placed in assembly tree below mates, and one folder containing all hardware for the feature.

Simple to Change

When you use Hole Series, there is no need to go back and change multiple features. Simply edit one feature to modify the parameters.

SOLIDWORKS Hole Series make it easy to change fastener size or type

Edit the definition of all linked hole by updating one feature

Learn more

Learn more about the Hole Series feature and many more with our SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling class.

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