Output SOLIDWORKS Composer images at the exact size with Paper Space

Article by Justin Flett updated August 23, 2017


When generating outputs in SOLIDWORKS Composer it will often be required to generate specific sizes for our images. Outputting generic image sizes may require resizing and scaling of the images after the fact which will degrade the output images. Rather then having to resize our images after the fact, a preferred approach would be to output our images in the exact sizing specifications we require.

We can do exactly this in SOLIDWORKS Composer by formatting the Paper Space as needed for our projects. I can control the paper space size by going to File > Properties > Document Properties or Default Document Properties.

From here the Document Properties window will open and I can navigate to the “Paper Space” tab. From here I can choose a number of standard format sizes or I can use ‘Custom’ to define my own sizing. Once happy with our selections I can hit Apply and OK and see my project images have now changed the Paper Space in this case to have a width of 150mm and a height of 50mm for example.

Paper Space Options

Now when I generate my high resolution image outputs they will be the exact sizing I need, and will not have to resize and degrade my images to fit my requirements.

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