Industry 4.0 3D Design & Additive Manufacturing Solutions

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. We can help you get ahead of the Industry 4.0 wave!

Watch our on demand webinar to learn about the biggest design and manufacturing challenges we see our clients face every day and understand how we have helped them to update their technology and techniques to meet Industry 4.0 requirements.

Discover how the Javelin TRACK and SOLIDWORKS enhancements solve their challenges by improving PEOPLE, leveraging TECHNOLOGY, streamlining their PROCESS, allowing them to MANUFACTURE more cost effectively.

With 20 years of SOLIDWORKS experience and help from our partner solutions like Aras PLM, DriveWorks, Stratasys, and Desktop Metal 3D Printers, we can make sure you are Industry 4.0 ready in 2018.

Why watch the webinar?

  • See new SOLIDWORKS features and enhancements
  • Ensure your business is Industry 4.0 ready
  • Get a first look at the latest 3D technology for design and manufacturing
  • Discover the new evolution in additive manufacturing!


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions enable you and your team to quickly transform new ideas into great products.

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