SOLIDWORKS 2019 Breadcrumbs can always be shown beside your Mouse Pointer

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated September 25, 2018


For those who have never used or heard of Breadcrumbs in SOLIDWORKS before, you are really missing out.  This is a powerful selection tool to save time spent digging through the FeatureManager Design Tree for the feature you need to edit.  For details and a quick demo check out our previous SOLIDWORKS Breadcrumbs blog post.  Although it’s a minor change, SOLIDWORKS 2019 now gives you a SOLIDWORKS Show Breadcrumbs option to make sure you get the most out of this awesome feature!

SOLIDWORKS Breadcrumbs Default Selection

SOLIDWORKS Breadcrumbs Default Selection

As a default when you make a selection SOLIDWORKS displays the Breadcrumbs trail in the top left-hand corner of the graphics window.  To save more time you can press the ‘D’ key to move the Breadcrumbs right beside your mouse pointer.

SOLIDWORKS Breadcrumbs beside Mouse Cursor

SOLIDWORKS Breadcrumbs beside Mouse Pointer (by pressing the ‘D’ key)

Always show breadcrumbs at mouse pointer

Now in SOLIDWORKS 2019 you have a new option to force Breadcrumbs to always be next to the mouse pointer on every selection.  This way you’ll always see it and learn to use it more often.  Enable ‘Show breadcrumbs at mouse pointer‘ under Tools > Options > System Options > Display

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Breadcrumb Mouse Pointer Option

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Breadcrumb Mouse Pointer Option

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