Using the Foreshorten View SOLIDWORKS Drawing Option

Article by Sanja Srzic updated October 4, 2018


Creating Aligned Views in SOLIDWORKS can have different results, depending on the geometry of the model being sectioned and the settings selected in the process of creating the Section View. The SOLIDWORKS Foreshorten view option that appears during creation of Aligned Views makes a big difference in the view projection.

The two images below show the effect of the option ‘Foreshorten view,’ which is only available during view creation.  Note the difference in the resulting height and the placement of the ‘thru’ hole in the section view.  Both options are valid – different users will have different preferences, practices and requirements for creating aligned section views.

SOLIDWORKS Foreshorten view disabled

Foreshorten view disabled

SOLIDWORKS Foreshorten view enabled

Foreshorten view enabled

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